US church groups agree: Occupation is no way to treat a child

Israel plots massive land confiscation in the occupied Syrian Golan

Distortions of Palestinian identity: ‘the Merry Christmas people’

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Israeli forces demolish trees in Palestinian nature reserve

Israeli nature and park officials along with military forces destroyed trees in al-Daqiqa Nature Reserve in the South Hebron Hills. 

26,Sep 2016
Occupation captured

Weekly photos of Palestinian life and Israeli occupation in the West Bank city of Hebron.

25,Sep 2016
Post-Oslo, Israel’s Zionist left rebrands itself as blatantly racist

Labor Party leaders insist: ‘we, no less than the right wing, want the defeat of the Palestinians.’

22,Sep 2016
Hunger striking Palestinian prisoners secure freedom

Palestinian political prisoners Mahmoud al-Balboul, Mohammed al-Balboul and Malik al-Qadi ended their hunger strikes in victory today.

21,Sep 2016
Because of us she is too famous, and for this she will be punished

Israeli authorities incarcerated Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour to silence dissent. Now that the world is concerned, they accuse her of crafting her own fame. 

21,Sep 2016
Strip searches, security escorts at Israeli airports are illegal, Arab rights org finds

Adalah: the Legal center for Arab Minority Rights demands an end to humiliating, illegal security practices used against Arab travelers at Israeli airports. 

20,Sep 2016
Obama grants Israel largest military aid package in U.S. history

The deal guarantees Israel $10 million a day in U.S. military aid for the next decade.

15,Sep 2016

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